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Monday, June 15, 2009

Currently in class, secretly writing in this blog cuz im so bored. Well, some may say that having a blog at all is a clear signal that the person writing it is living a dull and meaningless life. Ok, so maybe that's not true, but it seems to be the path that i'm paving by far -.-~
Guess what...? Yesterday, i did something that i had never ever tried before. i got off my lazy bum and walked down to the drug store; bought some hair dye by random choice of the blind saleslady and ran home excited to try on my new caramel blonde highlights. i thought i'd get bleached hair since i knew so little about hair life, and these were the beautiful experiences i went through;
1. it smelled worse than my grandmother's armpits. + perfume (a sad attempt to make it smell frangrant)
2. the cream is purple?
3. it took 5 attempts to get the color to show, and when it did, it showed up at areas where i dont even remember putting it on, and it didnt show up at all on some places...
4. the bottle starts to explode a little on the inside if you wait too long o.o
5. i will never buy high lights again simply due to the fact that i have dark brown hair, which makes it completely impossible for strawberry blonde to show up (unless i bleach, which is out of the question); so might as well go with auburn low lights next time x_x or maybe i'll just dye my entire head next time. then again...there's the lazy factor. anyhow, i'll stop ranting now and get back to class~! asian out >.o

EDIT - Here's a picture of my hair T.T its really supposed to be a caramel blonde, when it looks more like a reddish-blonde (a.k.a. an ugly color for my hair -.-) The brown is my natural hair

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