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Saturday, June 13, 2009

♥ obsession?

hey peepss ;) Sora here, new to blogger sorta; used to have an old account, but thats sunken to some bottom of the internet abyss >.o so heres starting off with my three obsessions.

1. music. especially big bang :0 (if u dun know who they are, go search it up now!!!)(also, im obsessed with asian guys, just a warnig ;3 )

2. dramas; korean, japanese, taiwanese, chinese...you name 'em, i know em xD

3. shopping, usually for clothes, but my interests are veering towards shoes o.o not even high heels...im obsessed over converse and pimp shoes O-O it amuses myself

also another few personality traits should be put straigh forward right now :O I'm stubborn, straight-forward, blunt (o.o?), clueless, super hyper, and really weird :D thats pretty much my little rant. asian girl out <3

EDIT - thanks jazmine for this awesome layout :] you creative little beast @_@ *jealous*

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1:56 AM


      Turkish Delight? Cowish Delight o.o

      Cutie WiTh A Bootie<3
      Taurus Baby <3
      29 apr'94
      Niskayuna, NY
      Ambition: To Love and be loved, to eat all the lollipop in the world, to collect every cute asian thing near 1metre radius :P
      Loves: Friends and family; sweets, my asian peeps, dramas, music <3
      ~Major Noob at Website Making~

    Thx Jasmne for this cute layout :D!<3

      When I saw you,
      I was afraid to meet you.
      When I met you,
      I was afraid to kiss you.
      When I kissed you,
      I was afraid to love you.
      Now that I love you,
      I am afraid to lose you.



      Moody !