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Thursday, June 25, 2009

♥ Korean Music Drama???

Ok so i read a bunch of news about the korean music industry.

Popuallar Girl Groups (from what I know ><)
-Wonder Girls
-SNSD (Girls Generation)

Wonder girls and SNSD is pretty much the same style of music, sort of magical-ish sounding with lots of background tech touch-ups. 2ne1 just debuted a few months back from a 2 year training in YG entertainment (along with Big Bang!! :D) and although I dont know much about Kara, it's also another style that is similar to that of SNSD and Wonder Girls.

Popular Guy groups today (ones i know of anyway..)
-Big Bang
-Epik High
-Super Junior
-SHINee (added on list after remembering XD )
And I cant really think of any more~but all their styles are a little different. Big bang is my
favourite of course (if you dont know this, then you dont me at all really :D) and I'd say their closest match would be Epik High. SS501 sets between ballade-y piano-ish music and hip hop; while DBSK and Super Junior don't do much hip hop but excel at vocals and singing high
pitches in their ballads. DBSK deserves one honorable mention from me :) i've known them longer than any other group simply due to the fact that they are SUPER popular on asian forums that I constantly browse through. Although not many of their songs catch my attention
or obsession, I really think if i enjoyed their type of music as much as some Cassieopeians (what we call the DBSK fanbase) do~i would simply love every peice of their music. group community-wise, they're actually really great friends and people; i once stalked them on youtube XD and found that they were all very interesting and had a personality of their own.
My favourite member is Xiah Jusuh cuz he's so friggin cute!!! XD

Ok Super Junior......I dont really know much about them. I tried listening to their music but found myself quickly browsing through every song the moment it got around 10 seconds in the song. Likewise- i dont enjoy their music very much at all. Maybe its the style,
the lyrics, the way the tune is...i just cant get myself to like a group of 13 boys trying to squeeze all their vocals into a 3-minute song. I'm really amazed at how many members there are in these groups. As a side note, many american artist bands/groups consist of like 3-5 members...but who's ever heard of 13 members???? maybe its just that fact I cant accept, but i know super junior is not what im going to be listening to this summer..no matter how hard i try to like it XD sry E.L.F FANS!!
On another side note, did you know that these groups' fans actually have names? Super Junior fans are named E.L.F, DBSK fans call themselves Cassieopeians (as mentioned earlier) and SS501 is named Triple 3 :D this is very interesting indeed..

On to SS501. From the music that I've heard, i only needed to hear about 10 seconds of it and
I LOVED EVERY SINGLE SONG. I mean, SS501 totally deserves every bit of credit because they didn't need to use their pretty faces to gain popularity in the kpop industry! All their songs are amazingly catchy and i find myself humming the songs. So for me, SS501 definitely is my second favourite group :D although I still don't know much about them which is a little sad.
Ok, so lastly, there's Epik High, another great friend of Big Bang~they're music consists of catchy choruses usually featuring another famous singer [e.g. love love love & one] and a very dancy tune in the background that can capture my ears easily; also the consistent 1-minute rap that i could understand would be TOP's
favourite part of their song :D Epik High is not a group that I love or hate, they stand in the middle because I simply dont know enough about them, but from the few songs I HAVE heard,
they are amazing! the lyrics are beautiful and the rap is something TOP would be jealous of :) so yeah, Epik High is something to check out, and I also like their choice of name XD which is a random statement but i make a lot of those.
OK. So lets talk a little about your favourite girl groups. I dont know much about the girl groups as I usually enjoy listening to the soothing guy vocals, but some of the girls have really beautiful voices :)
First off- Wonder Girls. My first time watching Wonder Girls was in their video, Tell Me. At firstt, i was like "WTF...LMAO" and actually, the song stuck in my head and the video tells a really weird and unrelated story, the best kind in my boook XD! So later on, I listened to more of their songs which was nice but nothing great. "So Hot" is a cute song that has a
catchy tune, but its hard to ignore the fact that Wonder Girls' real popularity began after filming "Tell Me" and making every girl in South Korea obsessed with the dance moves XD! I must say, the dance moves are really realllyyyy cute! :) but the other side of it is the fact that their songs are all sort of similar in my head. A few songs in particular, i pointed out to my friend TING that the beginnings were EXACTLY the same. Like, i'm not even over-looking it! They are THE EXACT same beginning x.x so if wonder girls wants to grasp more of my attention, they have to become even more unique and different. I like change, and I hate the same style. But so far, wonder girls would have to be my favourite group :)
Ok, just a few hours prior to posting on this blog, i watched a video about SNSD [Girls' Generation] doing a concert in South Korea that got horribly flamed by the 3 fanbases - Cassieopeians, Triple 3, and E.L.F. All apparently were defending their group "leaders" because a little after SNSD's rise to popularity, some members showed some serious disrespect to their sunbaes (note - Shinhwa). On a reality tv show called Champagne,
Tiffany, one of the english-speaking members of SNSD corrected her senior in the middle of his singing! Directly saying "oh, you didn't say this right" or something of that nature. Now, this might not be a huge deal in America (most people would laugh it off) but its a great deal in
Asian countries especially in areas like Japan and South Korea, where they must show the upmost respect for those who are far more experienced than them. Shinhwa has been in showbiz for a very long time compared to Tiffany of SNSD, and so it is an insult to Shinhwa and their fans when she did something like that. This is only one note. Rumors and scandals occured regarding many things that are slowly ruining SNSD's image. During their concert, the three fanbases were giving SNSD the "silent treatment" a.k.a not screaming and shouting. And when they did scream and shout, they shouted in unison "split up SNSD! split up SNSD!" over and over. The group was ignorant to these shouts as they were under the impression that their fans were shouting in encore or something of that sort, but it was very apparent and obvious to the youtube viewers who began a heated discussion about whether or not SNSD deserved it or not. My opinion? DEFINITELY. Man, the thing I HATE the most is when a group of not-so-great people start to think their all that talented and popular that they can just tell off other artists, their senior or not. I dont care how great SNSD is; and truthfully, I dont hate them. Up till now, I actually had respect for them but maybe that's all vanished. Tiffany and another member can speak English well, so what? So can I! So can members of 2ne1! Whatever; it's annoying how they're rising in popularity simply because of one song and their pretty long legs that match so well with the mini-skirts that they flip around in front of old men (naturally...their only fanbase.) that even seem ignorant to below 0 degree. It's really amusing when they try to be all innocent and act a decade younger than they actually are. Cuz i was watching them sing and i was all "aww they're so cute.....WTF they're 25?? ewww they're unnis and they act like that?? *barf barf*". Yeah basically my impression of them. Sorry, but I hate fakers, especially if thats all they got to offer. Another thing that is really annoying is that they're another group of 9 girls. Like the opposite of Super Junior...i mean, they could switch members and i wouldnt be able to tell the real difference *coff* girly guys *coff*. Gross.
Ok so now that i'm done depicting my distaste for SNSD, let's move on to a happier subject. 2ne1 !! omg they are amazing! I mean, I have a feeling that they'll gain most popularity from female fans (apparently, they aren't hot enough for guys..) because of their unique styles
(SUPER unique...not understating it) and their amazing dance moves. Seriously, those girls can
MOVE. they can dance hip hop styles in high heals,
which is amazing to me cuz i can barely walk in high heals past 10 minutes. They aren't flashy pretty & preppy girls, rather more pimpin and stylish. I can see how they would appeal to the girls more than guys because of their rather boy-ish style. Anyhow, i really love their debut songs "Lollipop" and "Fire". If all their other songs sound that amazing, they are seriously a hella lot better than any other girl group >.<

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