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Friday, June 26, 2009

♥ LIFE as we know it

After watching a mystery-thriller drama, Galileo, i decided to take it easy with an angsty teen drama called "Life"~and the first thing to say about it is that it is NOT something you watch if you wanna "take it easy". Filled with school bullying, threats, misunderstandings, suicide, manipulative bitches and even rape; it's not exactly something you wanna cool down with after a long day. Ok, i have to admit, i'm determined to finish this show. At this point, i've watched too many bitchy parts to not wanna see the final ending, which i should be expecting to see a satisfying payback to all those bullies. It's completely true when people comment that girls have it rougher than guys when being bullied. When guys bully, it's basically beating up and all those tough stuff that only hurt your outer skin (and possibly bone?). But when girls do it, they find your weakness and take it from there. They'll embarass, manipulate, and do everything they can to make your heart miserable. In this case, this is completely true. The girls in the classs (the leading bullies) can turn the whole class against one person, which i find really stupid. Have they no morals? Are they really all that scared of a bitchy 15-year-old rich girl? In my case, i'd be more hurt if the bully was a guy cuz getting beat up sounds terrible. I don't really care about girls bullying cuz it's pretty easy to get rid of; i'll just ignore it and pretend to the very last minute that it doesnt hurt me at all (which it probably wouldnt anyway lol) and the bullies would get bored, obviously. Unlike the annoying main character in this drama, i wouldnt keep letting them go on cuz thats just frickin rigged. :0

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