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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

♥ Stalking Celebrities

It's not exactly my fault that I have this obsession with stalking celebrities, especially those of the various dramas I watch. I stalk so much at which point I can memorize their birthdays by just looking at it once.....and from sometime last week, I began to memorize their height as well o____o'' ok...I swear, is it normal to be so in love with celebrities? *ULTIMATE FAN GIRL MODE* :D

The Big Bang members are currently my number one victims [o.o i sound like a killer!], I spent lots of time yesterday watching youtube videos about them, but ended up laughing my ass off over the side characters on Family Outing and Come Play With Me, and I remember watching KM Idol World a few weeks ago (hilarious show btw); all of these are game shows, but I must say, they are ALL soooo hilarious! XD I especially liked Family Outing,which is a show that has a group of "permanent family members", and a special guest [to promote their show? It works well :P] and I watched the episode with TOP in it. I'm currently watching the second part...it's very cute and shows a bit of a childish side to big bang's members [TOP and Daesung :D] Some of the permenent members are -

~Lee Chunee
~Jaesuk [a really funny MC]
~Lee Hyori [if you don't know who she is...tsk tsk]
~Daesung [Big Bang 2nd Vocolist, a silly goofball]
~KimJongKook [Rumored to be YoonEunHye's bf!]
~Yoon Jongshin & Sooro [A 40s Bro :D]
~Sooro [Game Master o.o'' He pwns!]
~ParYeJin [a non-photogenic actress :P she's the nicer of the two girl family members xD]

and that's really all I can remember..
I'll fill you in the details after finishing the whole thing...o.o''Ok.....so anyway, :D

It's almost the end of the school year for me, which means one thing.....GRADUATION :DD!!!! A.k.a. = out of this hellhole -.- for 3 months at least. I am SOOO ready for high school; elementry is easier than eating air. I'm quite excited for the graduation ceremony :) not only because I get to get all dressed up [I bought a pair of high heals that I LOVEE~<3]>
Although there is one thing....I have a friend who keeps saying that the day's going to mess up some how, and she usually has a way of predicting this....hopefully nothing bad happens x.x

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